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Training in Senegal

Gruut news 18/03/20 - Training in Senegal   The Gruut Brewery is constantly training. Our master brewer went to Senegal to learn more about the use of sorghum in brewing beer. This ingredient is at the heart of making gluten-free beers. Hence, she arrived in Dakar and traveled to the countryside about 50 kilometers away. [...]

Information regarding to COVID-19

Gruut news 14/03/2020 - Information regarding to COVID-19   Due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, we as a brewery are also obliged by the government to close our doors. Of course, health still comes first above all else, even above beer! Together we will ensure that we survive this virus so that [...]

Our new mistresses have arrived!

History Medieval herbs The anamorfose Gruut news Sustainable entrepreneurship   10/03/2020 - Our new maîtresses have arrived! Every few months we at Gruut do a few experiments with different ingredients. The beers we obtain are then sold while stocks last. This time, the so-called mistresses we have brewed are: Malta de Limon and Mango Tango. [...]

A gluten-free Ghents Gruut brown

Gruut news 28/11/19 - A gluten-free Ghents Gruut brown   What could be better than making a nice beer that everyone can drink? That's the purpose of our brand new gluten-free brown. This beer has been developed like a Trappist beer to make fun accessible to everyone. Thanks to the use of ingredients such as [...]

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