We don't accept reservations by phone, mail to

Visit & Reservations

EVERYONE is welcome in our city brewery, with or without a reservation. Anyone who wants to, can taste or buy our lovely gruutbeers.


  • You can make reservations with the reservationtool on this website. Payment in advance is required.


  • Reservations before and after opening hours are also possible, but you have to mail to


  • If you wish to cancel, you can do so with the contact form. Cancellation is possible up to a maximum of 2 days in advance to receive a refund.


  • Reservations possible up to 3 days in advance! No more room via the reservation tool? Feel free to drop by before 3 or 5 p.m. and ask if you can still join.


  • Reservations are not processed by telephone.
  • Please arrive a maximum of 5 minutes before the actual reservation if your reservation is for more than 10 people.

Beer tasting

Please be seated and discover what makes Gruut beer so special. Our beer tasting takes about 50 minutes and includes a set of three tasters. You will learn about the history of beer, what is special about our Gruut beer, the brewing process and the unique building in wich the brewery is located.

  • prices: €15/pers
  • time: 3 am or 5 am
  • Minimum 2 persons
  • Duration: 50min

Beer tasting with boat Tour (10+ persons)

Have an amazing day with this formula! A majestic bouttour through the historic citycenter with a guide followed by a beer tasting  with 3 tasters.

You will follow a boat tour and afterwards the tasting. The boat tour is private. The group is lead to the brewery after the boattour.

  • Price: €33/pers
  • Time: 2pm – 4pm or 4pm – 6pm
  • minimum 10 persons
  • Duration: 2h

Reservation only possible at


Beer Alchemist

Bring out the alchemist in you and adapt our Gruut Blond completely to your taste. After a short introduction to the brewery and a taster of our gruut blond, you can adjust our blond beer to your liking. The ideal teambuilding for with your colleagues, family or friends.

After the workshop you get a bottle of 75CL of your own creation.

  • price: €28/pers
  • time: before 2pm or after 6pm
  • minimum 2 persons
  • Duration: 1h30min

Supper and Dining

If you want to eat at the brewery you have to make a reservation at least one week in advance at That is because we do not have a permanent cook and not always all the ingredients we need.

Our menu:

  • Ghentian meatstew, made with Gruut Brown: €24/pers
  • Ghentian Waterzooi with chicken: €21/pers
  • Vegetarian lasagne: €16/pers
  • Vegan chili sin carne with rice: €16/pers

*In case of last minute cancellation, you will have to pay for the reserved meals.