10/03/2020 – Our new maîtresses have arrived!

Two new beers have been brewed with passion to let you discover new tastes and new combinations: Malta de Limon and Mango Tango.

Malta de Limon is a sour blond brewed with “the malt of gold”, a special variety originating from the Mediterranean. The Citrus aroma is specific to this new variety, of which we are one of the first in Europe to brew it.

Mango Tango is a dark gold blonde that combines the subtlety of mango with the power of ginger, while remaining in perfect balance. It is easy to drink with our Gruute plates, and adds a little pep to a tasty aperitif.

Don’t hesitate to come and taste our novelties in our café or take some home by buying our 75cl bottles.

20/06/19 – A gluten-free brown beer

What could be nicer than making a nice beer that everyone can drink? That’s the purpose of our gluten-free brown beer. This beer is designed like a Trappist beer to make this pleasure accessible to everyone.

Thanks to the use of ingredients such as sorghum, we were able to imitate a beer with 7° alcohol and nutty aromas.

Our official label is coming soon and we already offer it in our cafe, but also in bottles. Enjoy it!


16/03/2015 – Belgian Beer en Food: The women and beer issue


Gruut in the latest edition of ‘Belgian Beer & Food: The Women and beer issue’.


Below you can find the teaser