Sustainable entrepreneurship:


Here is a discussion of some of the pillars of corporate social responsibility, which Gruut already stands for.


1. No poverty: Gruut Brewery helps fight poverty in Africa. Various beers use ‘sorghum’, a product that is mined in Africa. We pay the right price for this and therefore help the third world.


2. Good health and wellbeing: Annick, CEO of Gruut, ensures that all employees feel good at work at all times. In case of problems she is always ready to listen and help.


3. Gender equality: At the Gruut brewery there is no difference between men and women. Everyone is treated the same as they should be.


4. Clean water and sanitation: Everyone has access to potable water at work and access for sanitary facilities is also accessible to everyone. There is a men’s, women’s and a disabled toilet.


5. Affordable and sustainable energy: There are numerous solar panels on the roof of the Gruut brewery. Gruut therefore uses sustainable and renewable energy.


6. Decent work and economic growth: At the Gruut brewery, no one will ever be asked to do degrading work. We also strive to constantly grow as a company, we always do this in a sustainable way. We keep the environment and the wellbeing of our employees in mind in every action.


7. Industry, innovation and infrastructure: Gruut Brewery is a forerunner in the field of innovation in the beer market. We do not produce with hops, but with a special herbal combination. This sets us apart from other beer producers.


8. Reducing inequality: Through our purchase of sorghum in Africa, we indirectly help to reduce the inequality between the rich and the poor.


9.Sustainable cities and communities: The production at Gruut brewery is completely safe for staff and the environment. As a company, we try to be sustainable and to recycle all our waste.


10. Responsible consumption and production: At the Gruut brewery, we are not bothered by food that is thrown away. We do offer our customers the opportunity to eat here, but this is on order in advance. As a result, we have portions per person and we therefore hardly have to throw away food. We also try to recycle everything we can.


11. Peace, justice and strong public services: Customers with complaints can always visit our website. This complaint will then be dealt with and the person in question will be contacted to resolve the problem. We also try to handle complaints from our staff internally and resolve them as well as possible


Conclusion: With 11 of the 17 pillars that we already take into account, the Gruut brewery is well on its way to becoming a perfectly sustainable company. Corporate social responsibility is something that we have considered of paramount importance from the start of the brewery.


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