Medieval herbs

Our Gruut beer distinguishes itself from other beers by the fact that it does not use hops, but a combination of medieval herbs.


We collaborated with the University of Ghent to find the best herbs to replace the hops, but at the same time retain the well-known beer taste.


In the 13th century the beer was flavored with herbs called “Gruyt” or “Gruut”. Hop was mainly used as an alternative in beer preparation. The landlord at the time knew the composition of the beer from his region and levied taxes or excise duties on it.


Where taxes are now levied on the amount of beer and the alcohol percentage, this was previously done on the number of gruut herbs.


Our brewery thus combines current modern brewing technologies with an age-old tradition.


Our beer also reduces the risk of a hangover, because it is hops that cause you headaches after a night out. Since we don’t use hops, the chance of a hangover is also much smaller.


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